Bambú Microfibre Cleaning Kits – Alto Sax


阿根廷 Bambu 中音色士風專用抹布套裝, 抹布的繩子末端藏有兩粒鐵粒, 且布質吸水力強, 比一般抹布更輕易抹去色士風管內的口水.

套裝內有一大一小抹在, 方便打抹管頸及管身.




Bambú microfibre cleaning kits

1 body swab + 1 neck swab.

It absorbs humidity and grease rapidly and without leaving any residues. Microfibre acts as a magnet for dust, dirt and oils and absorbs much more than conventional fibres thanks to its woven filaments, which are 100 thinner than a human hair. This material does not scratch the instrument.

It cleans, polishes and burnishesthe musical instrument with no need for chemical products.
Our line of cleaning swabs and kits has been designed with the objective of guaranteeing a perfect maintenance of the inside.