Mikel Harps – 26-string Lily Lap Harp


沒有音箱繪花的Lily 26 Lap Harp 原價$6980,現金價優惠$5680 (包括PayMe 及轉數快)。

*註冊登記客戶購買Mikel Harps 更可享2% 現金回贈 (詳情向職員查詢)

Mikel Harps 26弦 Lily Lap Harp 是2019年新產品,以方便樂手攜帶,及適合小朋友學習。

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Range: 1G to 5C
Weight: 4.2 kg
Height: 93cm
Width: 53cm
Soundboard Width: 15cm
Wood: Maple wood
Strings Type: Nylon, BioCarbon Strings (by Sipario)
Free: Tuning Key (調音匙), Stand (底座), Strap (背帶)

Colour: Natural, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Black Stain, Red Stain, Blue Stain, Green Stain
# Deluxe Carry Bag (手提豎琴袋) 需另購 

註:Mikel Harps 的賣點是價錢實惠及弦線不易折斷。倘若弦線折斷,用家除了可向本中心購買原廠弦線外,也可以使用Bow Brand 的 Silkgut 代替。





本中心是本港唯一獲Mikel Harps 簽署授權經銷的香港總代理

歡迎來到 Mikel Harps Hong Kong. 由2006起,我們是愛爾蘭豎琴的專業製造者及生產商。

我們Mikel Harps 做過一些資料搜集和研究,發現在本士有很多商家也製造一些次等素質的豎琴,他們並沒有透過良好的研究去發展及改良豎琴產品。因此,世界各地的國家商戶多數認為由本土巴基斯坦 Sialkot 出產的豎琴也是劣質的。當然,另一邊廂,大部份的音樂家、導師及學生,都傾向購買由歐洲或美國等地的豎琴,因為它們製造出來的豎琴,質素良好,不過價錢也不便宜。

因應以上所說,Mikel Harps看準在兩種市場中,也有其可行的商業發展,於是我們的R&D團隊開始研發,目標是「製造品質良好而價錢實惠」的樂器。Mikel Harps 的研發過程中,有很多專才加入參與,包括很多外地的音樂家、專業豎琴家及多間外國材料生產商。為了使我們的豎琴能保持優質,我們更引入專業的工程及技術人員。

優質木材對於豎琴來說是十分重要,因此我們引入山毛櫸木 (Beech), 白橡木 (Ash), 及雲杉木 (Spruce);而我們的豎琴弦,是由美國入口;至於豎琴上的手制 (Levers),是我們Mikel Harps的專業研發。多年來,我們付出了很多的努力,及進行多次的實驗,令Mikel Harps成為品質良好,以及價錢實惠的愛爾蘭豎琴。

Mikel Harps現於世界各地均有銷售點,包括德國、法國、意大利、中國、澳洲、加拿大、美國、日本、荷蘭、香港等,價錢也十分實惠。



Introduction to Mikel Harps

Welcome to Mikel Harps. We are craftsman and manufacturers of Lever Harps. Mikel Harps started manufacturing in 2006.

We at Mikel Harps analysed our market and found that the majority of local manufacturers were producing substandard harps. In addition they did not employ any research and development. The international market was dissatisfied with the poor quality instruments being produced and therefore was wary about purchasing instruments from Sialkot. At  the other end of the market, the manufacturers in Europe and America were making quality instruments but this quality was reflected in their price which was out of the range of students and ordinary musicians.

Realizing there was a substantial discrepancy in the two markets; Mikel Harps team started a Research and Development department with their mission “To produce quality instruments at affordable prices”. This enterprise has involved many foreign musicians, Professional harpist and some foreign makers. To achieve our quality product, reverse engineering  techniques were utilized. Top quality woods were imported in the development of our quality instruments, beech, ash, and spruce woods. Quality harp strings were imported from the USA, New Sharping Levers were invented. It has taken many years of experimentation and hard work to produce fine quality instruments at affordable prices.

“Mikel Harps” are now selling well worldwide at very affordable prices. The company has distributors in Germany, France, Italy, China, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Neatherlands and many other countries


[文章選自於 Mikel Harps 官方網站 http://mikelharps.com]

Characteristic of Mikel Harps
  1. Affordability with Recognisable Quality
  2. Innovative, New Sharping Lever
  3. CAD designed and CAM produced components
  4. Unique Designs, Two Families of Harps “Saffron” and “Aster”
  5. Affordable Fast and Safe shipping service to your door step Worldwide.

Carry Bags

The Deluxe Carry bag is made from high quality Cordura. With 10 mm hard foam padding interior and 3 mm soft foam padded exterior. The Pocket is designed to carry booklets, books, harp accessories, detachable legs and more. Bags are intentionally made durable to cope with the busy use and transport the instrument might expect in its lifetime.

  • Purple Cordura Carry bag
  • 10 mm foam padding interior
  • 3 mm soft foam padding exterior
  • Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories
  • Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps
  • Hand Straps
  • Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service



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原木, 紅木色, 胡桃木色, 黑色, 紅色, 藍色, 綠色


沒有繪花, 有繪花