Jakob Winter Greenline 中音色士風盒


~流線型色士風盒,附鎖頭 (或拉鏈)

~GreenLine 外殼設計
~Lining cloth, Green LinE material and cover are pressed together without the use of adhesives
~Polystyrene nest for excellent protection
~Lined with 100 % high quality cotton velvet
~重量: 1.25 kg



An innovative technology with respect for our environment. The idea was to produce cases made from natural materials in order to save the limited resources of our environment. “As Europe`s leading manufacturer of special cases with decades of experience, Jakob Winter GmbH combines the long-established traditions of craftsmanship and complete mastery of materials with state-of-the-art production methods.

Using materials ranging from fine hardwood veneers over aluminium metal basis, to top quality industrial plastics and highly innovative and even completely biodegradable fibre compounds enables us to offer our customers a broad spectrum of options.
A particular favourite for musicians are our much admired instrument cases made of virtually indestructible carbon, robust fibreglass or finely hand-crafted woods. Year after year, thousands of musicians all over the world entrust their valuable musical instruments to the uncompromising quality of our cases, bags and holders. You can be sure that when you buy a Jakob Winter product, you are probably buying the best the market has to offer.” High quality case made in Germany.

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