Deluxe Carry Bag


The Deluxe Carry bag is made from high quality Cordura. With 10 mm hard foam padding interior and 3 mm soft foam padded exterior. The Pocket is designed to carry booklets, books, harp accessories, detachable legs and more. Bags are intentionally made durable to cope with the busy use and transport the instrument might expect in its lifetime.

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  • Purple Cordura Carry bag
  • 10 mm foam padding interior
  • 3 mm soft foam padding exterior
  • Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories
  • Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps
  • Hand Straps
  • Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service


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Lily 26 Lap Harp, 22-string, 27-string, 34-string, Saffron 38, Mikel 38 Pro, Tulip 40