Bambú Handmade Wooden Case (Plain) – 6 Reeds for Alto Sax/Bb Clarinet


阿根廷Bambu 精美木製簧片盒, 可盛載6塊單簧管或中音色士風的簧片. 外表時尚, 方便攜帶

請注意, 淨色和條紋價值不同。


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They are 100% hand polished and coated with six layers of polyurethane paint. This process provides high resistance to stcratches, bumps or any damage that may result from use.

The interiors are made of high-impact plastic injection and have been designed to store and protect reeds preventing any kind of physical alteration.

They have been specially designed to guarantee optimum care of reeds. Their practical and original slide system with neodymium magnets ensures secure closure.

Wood is porous material and allows the essential air circulation in order to accumulate only the necessary amount of moisture, helping thus to extend the lifespan of reeds. Solid lumber which has been air-dried for at least two years is used for their purpose.


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