Bambú Hand-woven String Ligature – Alto Sax


阿根廷 Bambu 手製絨繩吹咀箍, 供中音色士風使用, 多款顏色選擇.

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Bambú Accesorios Hand-Woven Ligature

Gorgeous ligatures in jewel colours (and of course black). Once it’s set up you simply slip it on and tighten the string. No fiddly screws, and if you stand on it it won’t break!

Bambú’s hand-woven ligatures are handmade with highly-resistant synthetic fibres. The weaving process used for their fabrication guarantees that they will never stretch.

The fibres are 100% synthetic, and it is for this reason that these ligatures are long-lasting and easy to clean. This product has been designed in order to offer the possibility of adjusting the pressure of the ligature in the most convenient way for each user. Their adjustable system also provides an easy placement on the mouthpiece and fixes the reed perfectly to fit each musician’s preferences.



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黑色, 紅色, 橙色, 紫色, 綠色